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period: May 11, 2020 to July 31, 2020(plans)
※The construction period may change depending on the progress of construction.
※In-room hot springs and private hot springs can be used as usual during the period.

  • Online Credit Card Payment

【Before welcoming a new family ... 】★Even while pregnant is safe! Maternity Plan<Dinner / Kagoshima local cuisine>


【Main Building】 Double with outdoor bath 40 m²<Non-smoking>

Before welcoming a new family ... Hospitality in rooms with open-air bath so that you can take a bath at ease anytime

Please select the desired reservation dates from the list.

Number of rooms

Number of adults

Number of children

For 1 room(s) used by 2 Adult(s) person(s)

Date Total (yen) Vacancy Information
11/13(WED) end of application period -
11/14(THU) 44,000No Vacancy
11/15(FRI) 44,000No Vacancy
11/16(SAT) 50,600No Vacancy
11/17(SUN) 44,000No Vacancy
11/18(MON) 44,000No Vacancy
11/19(TUE) 44,000No Vacancy

Reservation can be made until 24:00 1 day(s) before your stay.


【Main Building】 Double with outdoor bath 40 m²<Non-smoking>

Breakfast & dinner included
Check In
Check Out
  • Internet accessible in the guest room
  • Private open-air bath attached
  • No-smoking room

※20'5 / 11 to 5/23 cannot be used for consecutive nights due to renovation work due to the deterioration of the public bath※

Tatami room with passion furniture and interior
A hot spring with an open-air bath with tatami mats on the terrace (Japanese cypress)
※Guest room / terrace ... Non-smoking
※Up to 1 child for each adult sleeps
■18 square meters (40 m²)■Capacity 2 people, ■Simmons Double Bed(140 × 200)× 1 (From 3 people Futon)
■Room Facilities ... 42-inch LCD TV, Nano ion ion generator(Ceiling embedded), Coffee server, Simmons Bed, Duvet, Warm water wash toilet, DVD player, microwave, refrigerator, safe, Humidification streamer air cleaner, Wi-Fi connection
■Amenity ... Lady Toner / Latex / Washing Face / Cleansing, Male hair tonic / hair liquid, shampoo, rinse, Body Soap, Hairdryer, toothbrush, A razor, brush, Hair cap, towel, yukata, Swab, cotton, Hair turban, Resesh, Green Tea, Coffee, Black tea, Mineral water

Maternity blended tea for mothers with pregnancy and childbirth! It is easy to drink based on rooibos.
Dinner "Local cuisine" / Main building 2nd floor restaurant ... Hospitality with delicious local cuisine in Kagoshima such as Satsuma Hot Pot and black pork cartilage miso boiled

Plan Details

As well as married couple, traveling with friends, pregnant women and mother's mother daughter ...
We welcome you in your room with an open-air bath so that you can take a bath anytime safely.
How about spending a relaxing time before welcoming a new family?
If there is anything we need to do, our staff will be happy to support you.

An easy-going prayer "Stone bodhisattva" is a 10-minute drive from the hotel!
There is a legend of a strange amulet that worshiped deep God related to the birth and brings pebbles back.
People who know it is a safe spot.

【Special Advantages】
1.Private room bath (Chuto hot water) is free of charge on the day of accommodation and the next day (Normally one room one hour / 1,000 yen)
2.Maternity blended herbal tea, non-caffeine coffee, room temperature mineral water available
3 · Fit according to your body shape and use "Mom & Baby Cushion"
Four.Late out in the morning 11: 00 (Normal / 10: 00)
Five.Reliable even during pregnancy "Maternity Beauty Salon 1,000 yen off" (Advance reservation required)
6.I am still worried about my physical condition ... In case of sudden physical condition, cancellation fee exemption until the previous day (Cancellation on the day is required)
7.Free futon available for customers who are uncomfortable with bedding (Usually 1 piece / 1,000 yen)

= Dinner "Kagoshima local cuisine" Main building 2F Floor restaurant =
Please enjoy the taste of the hospitality season of local produce local consumption.
※The contents may be changed depending on the purchase situation.
※Dinner start time / 17: 30, 17: 45, 18:00, 18: 15, 18: 30 (I will call upon check-in)

= Breakfast "Japanese Gozen" Main Building 2nd Floor Restaurant =
Onsen Tofu, grilled fish, Satsuma age(fried fishcake), Omelet, rice, Miso soup
※The contents may be changed depending on the purchase situation.
※Breakfast start time / 7: 30, 7: 45, 8:00, 8: 15 (I will call upon check-in)

·Please travel with reasonable plans so that you do not have to bear the physical condition. Please be assured we will guide you to the nearest hospital in case of emergency.
·The hotel confirms about 10 days before arrival at the hotel. Please register a phone number that you can contact us. When we can not contact you may be forced to treat as cancellation.
·Facility usage fee will be generated from 0 years old for infants and young children. (Up to 1 child for each adult sleeps)
·The accommodation fee is prepaid at check-in. (Various gift certificates, Coupon etc. Not available)
·We are asking for your futon bedding yourself.
·Please refrain from bringing in foods with strong irritating odor, cassette stove and so on.


Plan Price

Number of rooms

Number of adults

Number of children

Please select the desired reservation date from the calendar.

November 2019
1 2 3
4 5 6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13end of application period 14 44,000Search for another plan 15 44,000Search for another plan 16 50,600Search for another plan 17 44,000Search for another plan
18 44,000Search for another plan 19 44,000Search for another plan 20 44,000Search for another plan 21 - 22 50,600Search for another plan 23 50,600Search for another plan 24 44,000Search for another plan
25 44,000 Vacancies available1 26 44,000Search for another plan 27 44,000Search for another plan 28 44,000 Vacancies available1 29 44,000Search for another plan 30 50,600Search for another plan

Reservation can be made until 24:00 1 day(s) before your stay.

About Children Rates

Elementary school-aged children
13650 yen
Infant with meal and futon/bed
5500 yen
Infant with meal
4400 yen
Infant with futon/bed
2750 jpy
Infant without meal and futon/bed
1650 jpy

Special Notes about prices

Hotspring tax adult 150 yen separately.
Facility usage fee will be generated from 0 years old for infants and young children. (Co-sleeping is limited to 1 child per adult.)

From 0 years of age need a facility Charge.
Bed-sharing is per adult per person,and will be up to one person child.  (Children under six)

About deposits

Not required

On-site payment / Online credit card payment

What are cancellation rules?

7 - 4 days before the arrival
20% of the room charge
3 - 1 days before the arrival
50% of the room charge
On the day of arrival
100% of the accommodation fee
Cancellation without any contact
100% of the accommodation fee
Supplement: The plan and schedule stated in fee special mention may differ from the above.