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≪Limited to Advance Credit Card Payment≫The distance between the two people is rapidly approaching! Jui taste overflowing☆Kuroge Wagyu Sukiyaki plan!


■One set a day Separate 1 house - Special Room "Rikyu Nezu"(Rikyu Nezu )"~

【Sukiyaki】Kuroge Wagyu selected carefully by the butcher shop owner! And full of delicious flavor!

Please select the desired reservation dates from the list.

Number of rooms

Number of adults

Number of children

For 1 room(s) used by 2 Adult(s) person(s)

Date Total (yen) Vacancy Information
9/19(THU) -
9/20(FRI) -
9/21(SAT) 88,560No Vacancy
9/22(SUN) 88,560No Vacancy
9/23(MON) -
9/24(TUE) -
9/25(WED) -

Reservations are accepted until 12:00 on the day of accommodation.

The plan is for a maximum of 1 nights stay.


■One set a day Separate 1 house - Special Room "Rikyu Nezu"(Rikyu Nezu )"~

Breakfast & dinner included
Breakfast in a Private Room
Dinner in a Private Room
Check In
Check Out
  • Internet accessible in the guest room
  • Private open-air bath attached
  • State Room/Suite/Annex

【Ideal for special anniversary trips】

2 people exclusive · One building away, with electric massage machine guest room Outdoor bath · With inside bath, 81 square meters room.

Japanese-style room·living·Rising flooring
Stuck to sleeping 120 cm × 200 cm
Two semi-double French beds installed.

You can see Yufutake from the wood deck.
【Information on guest room equipment】
Inner bath/Open Air Bath/Air condition/TV for terrestrial digital broadcasting/refrigerator
LAN/Washlet toilet/Extension/Tea set
Coffee/Electric kettle/towel/bath towel
Electric massage machine/yukata/Gauze Pajamas
shampoo/conditioner/Body Soap
Cosmetics/Hairdryer/Wash basin/toothbrush/IH kitchen
Removing bacteria·deodorize·For pollen control·Ultrasonic atomizer(humidifier)
Free parking available
【Air conditioner】Gas heater/Air condition
(With floor heating in winter)

※The meal place is the main house restaurant.

It's almost like a villa's comfort. Please enjoy a luxurious time with "Rikyu Nezu", a pair of exclusive one-day exchanges that can relax both mentally and physically.
【Rikyu Nezu】The outdoor bath away from the special room is spacious and plenty of openness!

Plan Details

◆ Let's save the points of the card to Otoku with advance online card payment!  ◆

Payment is under way "Online card payment"! It is safe just to settle in advance and do not carry big money and go out to stay! (※ It is local settlement only for drink fee.)

Let's plan "Adults' traveling alone" to spend apart!
★- Passion of the plan is kore! -★
■Limit online card payment, try GET a lot of points!
■YADOYA Ohashi dedicated to 2 people is perfect for couples!
■Kuroge Wagyu which the meat shop owner carefully selected is outstanding!
■Passion enough to display the identification number of the beef of the day at the restaurant entrance!
■Superb Egg "Ran Oh" Suki Egg "Ran Oh" matching sukiyaki get involved with Troll!

■Menu example■
¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯
·Appetizers three, Oita Prefecture Yabakei chicken fillet ubiquitous, - egg custard
·Direct meat shop·The finest A5 rank black cattle Wagyu sukiyaki
(Vegetables ... Chinese cabbage, onion, onion, burdock, shiitake mushroom, sirataki, and fried tofu etc.)
·Natural eggs·Ran Oh (Lantern)
·Yufuin Rice, ·Pickled Vegetables, ·Dessert

※It changes according to the season.
※The meal place is a private room dedicated to 2 people who can lower their feet in the morning and evening!
※Dinner Start time Choose either 18:00 or 18:30.
(If your requested time is concentrated, we may not be able to respond to your request.)

¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯
·Freshly cooked on a pizza Yufuin Rice
·Local gourmet · Dango juice
·grilled fish, Baked cod roe, Dashi rolls egg
·Seasonal coloring small bowl
·Seasonal vegetable salad

※There are changes according to the season.
※Breakfast start time 8:00 to 9:30 in 30 minute increments (Changed according to circumstances)

Amenity is available for women, for men and 2 kinds.
★Female amenity★
① 2 sets of Dr. Ci:Labo face wash, lotion and milky lot in the morning and night
② beauty care mask
③ Facial wash lather net
④ Cotton set
⑤ Fluffy Towel
⑥ Hair band
And fulfillment for women for the first time!

▼Cancellation policy▼,
Only prepayment card payment plan, cancellation regulation differs from other plan, please confirm in advance.


Plan Price

Number of rooms

Number of adults

Number of children

Please select the desired reservation date from the calendar.

September 2019
2 3 4 5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 - 20 - 21 88,560Search for another plan 22 88,560Search for another plan
23 - 24 - 25 - 26 - 27 - 28 82,080Search for another plan 29 -
30 -

Reservations are accepted until 12:00 on the day of accommodation.

About Children Rates

Elementary school-aged children
No acceptance
Infant with meal and futon/bed
No acceptance
Infant with meal
No acceptance
Infant with futon/bed
No acceptance
Infant without meal and futon/bed
No acceptance

Special Notes about prices

Hot spring tax Adult 150 yen separately.
Accommodation is limited to 2 adults per room.
Children and other than 2 people, thank you for the opportunity again.

You can park more than 20 parking lots by combining the first and second parking lots, so please use this.
(Up to 14 pairs of facilities can be accommodated)

About deposits

Not required

Online credit card payment

What are cancellation rules?

14 - 8 days before the arrival
25% of room charge
7 - 4 days before the arrival
50% of the room charge
3 - 1 days before the arrival
75% of the room charge
On the day of arrival
100% of the accommodation fee
Cancellation without any contact
100% of the accommodation fee