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"3 nights plan two nights", the first day check in after playing at ease! Seagull the seagull multi-course meal for the second night! My dog ​​OK!

"Two nights a night", enjoy a party cuisine using ingredients of passion! , Seagull Standard Plan♪ Accommodation with pet OK!

■ Room with loft

【1 Night/ Dinner Included】For those wishing to have a relaxing morning, it is a plan that you can relax and enjoy the morning hours without breakfast!

■ Room with loft

"One night with breakfast", perfect for those who want to Nishiizu leisurely Nishiizu! , plan with nightly breakfast! Accommodation with pet OK!

■ Room with loft

"No meals for one night", you can enjoy Nishiizu without worrying about time! Also for business people! Accommodation with pet OK!