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【Room with Open Air BathorRooms with a hot spring bath·Standard Plan■Kaga no Shiki Kaiseki Meal】Please spend a little bit different holidays in Shofuan and Aya and Para

Japanese-Western style room

Shofuan Shokei(Room 106): Genji outdoor bath+Japanese style room 22 square meters+bedroom

"Shofuan" Between Shokei no Ma(Room 106)The outdoor bath. It is a room surrounded by nature where trees grow in places where hands are likely to reach.

Please select the desired reservation dates from the list.

Number of rooms

Number of adults

Number of children

For 1 room(s) used by 2 Adult(s) person(s)

Date Total (yen) Vacancy Information
6/1(MON) end of application period -
6/2(TUE) 81,400No Vacancy
6/3(WED) 81,400No Vacancy
6/4(THU) 81,400No Vacancy
6/5(FRI) 81,400No Vacancy
6/6(SAT) 85,800No Vacancy
6/7(SUN) 81,400No Vacancy

Reservations are accepted until 12:00 on the day of accommodation.

Japanese-Western style room

Shofuan Shokei(Room 106): Genji outdoor bath+Japanese style room 22 square meters+bedroom

Breakfast & dinner included
Dinner in a Private Room
Check In
Check Out
  • Internet accessible in the guest room
  • Private open-air bath attached
  • State Room/Suite/Annex
  • No-smoking room

【Room setting】
·Sukiyazukuri 22 square meters Japanese style room+bedroom
·In the bedroom, a passion bedding selected by a sleeping coordinator is prepared
·The outdoor bath in the room is also a hot spring
·There is a bench of a popular designer on wide edges
·Wifi connection possible
·Humidifier with air purification function (Dehumidifier in summer)
·40-inch LCD TV
·Blu-ray DVD player available (Bring necessary software)
·Bidet toilet
·Kotatsu in Japanese room in winter
·Non-smoking room

【Special hospitality】
·Check in time at 2pm, Check out time at 12 o'clock. Stay is possible for up to 22 hours
·Two yukata yukata and bath towels are prepared individually for each person, there is also a room for relaxing

~ "Four Seasons of Kaga" Kaiseki - Classic menu of Yoshidaya Sannoukaku (Ryokan). Enjoying the seasons Four seasons Standard Kaiseki cuisine
First floor public bath (outdoor bath) and 3rd floor public bath (open-air bath). You can enjoy 2 kinds in morning and evening girl change system.

Plan Details

Standard Plan

Proud of this facility, Guest Room with a Private Bath directly from the source "Waraku", "Kujyakuden Irodori", you will find a plan where you can relax in the hot spring indoor baths with rooms "peacock hall, Para
Each room's open-air bath is Yamashiro Onsen the pure hot spring of this facility, which boasts the only source amount of Yamashiro Onsen.
The room types are the following 4 types.

The main building is located in a quiet environment of the outbuilding, unique rooms our all 5 rooms, each room has its own personality, it is equipped with Second Room to elaborate.

【Nemuri no Ma】Room with attached
Second Room"101 Shorai (future)" "105 Shoroku (Shoroku)" "106 Shokei (subtotal)" is. "Nemuri no Ma"
Passionate bedding such as mattress with Charcoal with healing effect and one of the highest grade duvets hand picked will invite you to rest in peace.

【Dining】Room with attached
The Second Room Shosei “102 Shosei”. "Dining"
Please enjoy your meal in a warm space produced by popular furniture designer Eiri Iwakura.

【Tea room】Room with attached
The Second Room room of “103 Shoto”. "Tea room"
In front of the room, you can relax in a Japanese-style atmosphere like a ryokan while viewing various scenery such as fresh greenery and colored leaves.

◇"Peacock hall, Para"
This is a room with a bath in a hot spring, which was not available in this facility until now.

◇"Kujaku-den Sai"
This room consists of 18 square meters of pure Japanese-style Honma and a hot spring open-air bath, perfect for couples and couples.

Please enjoy the Yoshidaya Sannoukaku (Ryokan)'s standard "Kaga no Shiki Kaiseki Meal".
"Because it's a classic dish, we devise local ingredients and cooking methods"
※Cooking picture is an image.
※Seasonal · Purchasing situation will change some shinagaki.

【Meal place】
·"Shofuan" can be chosen from room meal or Private Room Restaurant "Nagomi"(Please select by the day before)
·"Kujyakuden Irodori""peacock hall, Para is Nagomi
※Customers of 6 people or more will be discrete or Nagomi

Taste 40 kinds of ingredients, breakfast buffet
※For the time being, we will provide a Japanese set meal for the time being from March 8 (breakfast on 9th) to counter the coronavirus.


Plan Price

Number of rooms

Number of adults

Number of children

Please select the desired reservation date from the calendar.

June 2020
1end of application period 2 81,400Search for another plan 3 81,400Search for another plan 4 81,400Search for another plan 5 81,400Search for another plan 6 85,800Search for another plan 7 81,400Search for another plan
8 81,400Search for another plan 9 81,400Search for another plan 10 81,400Search for another plan 11 81,400Search for another plan 12 81,400Search for another plan 13 85,800Search for another plan 14 81,400Search for another plan
15 81,400Search for another plan 16 81,400Search for another plan 17 81,400Search for another plan 18 81,400Search for another plan 19 81,400Search for another plan 20 85,800 Vacancies available1 21 81,400Search for another plan
22 81,400Search for another plan 23 81,400 Vacancies available1 24 81,400Search for another plan 25 81,400 Vacancies available1 26 81,400Search for another plan 27 85,800Search for another plan 28 81,400 Vacancies available1
29 81,400 Vacancies available1 30 81,400Search for another plan

Reservations are accepted until 12:00 on the day of accommodation.

About Children Rates

Elementary school-aged children
70% of adult fee
Infant with meal and futon/bed
50% of adult fee
Infant with meal
3850 yen
Infant with futon/bed
3300 yen
Infant without meal and futon/bed
1650 jpy

Special Notes about prices

Hotspring tax adult 150 yen separately.

About deposits

Not required

Online credit card payment

What are cancellation rules?

3days before the arrival
30% of room charge
2days before the arrival
30% of room charge
1days before the arrival
50% of the room charge
On the day of arrival
100% of the accommodation fee
Cancellation without any contact
100% of the accommodation fee