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☆Let's be healed in the hot spring ☆ Enjoy the "popular No. 1" room meal! Fresh seafood and seasonal taste<Kawasumi Kaiseki Meal>

【Kawasumi Kaiseki Meal】① In addition to fresh seafood in the Sea of ​​Japan, it is a dish that uses plentiful local ingredients every season.

【A little luxurious...! 】Plenty of fresh seafood and mountain food nurtured by Shimane's nature☆Special chef's special kaiseki cuisine plan☆

【Chef's Recommendation Kaiseki Meal】① Ceramics and iron plate steak are also attached Chief Chef Recommended dishes

Chief chef recommended! Try to enjoy the melting texture Shimane Wagyu grilled × Kawasumi boast of the "beauty of hot water."

【Shimane Wagyu with Kaiseki Dinner】Based on the highly rated "Kawasumi Kaiseki Meal", it becomes a dish with Shimane Wagyu attached.

Collaboration of blackthroat seaperch and Shimane Wagyu! ~ Kawasumi product! ``Wagyu and Hamada no Happiness''plan! 【3 dense avoidance】

【Shimane Wagyu and Japanese seafood are full】① It is a plan with popular Shimane Wagyu.