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【Limited Time Only】New Year party with family and group! Special time with delicious meal ◆ Supper & breakfast included

2021-2022 New Year party
[ Period for Accepting Reservations ] 2021/09/23~2022/02/27

* ☆ * ・ ・ * ★ * ・ * ☆ * ・ * ★ * ・ * ☆ * ・ ・ * ★ *

plan for a limited time!
From Monday, November 1, 2021 to February 28, 2022(Monday)

Breakfast & dinner included
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【Meal private room promise! 】Three major co-stars of spiny Japanese Spiny Lobster x abalone x que! Enjoy the hot springs as much as you want, when you want! ◆2 Meals Included

【Abalone charcoal grill】The dewar is baked with a delicious smell.

【Chief chef carefully selected kaiseki cuisine】Eat the Japanese Spiny Lobster Sugata-tsukuri (arranged in its original shape) Pripuri and the que, which is called a phantom fish! ◆2 Meals Included

【Dinner】A phantom high-class fish, Kue in a pot ...

【Supper specialties】The most popular dinner at the hotel-Mainly Japanese Spiny Lobster Sugata-tsukuri (arranged in its original shape) with spiny lobster-A room with an open-air bath occupies the hot spring◆2 Meals Included

【Dinner】Kaiseki cuisine one day(An example)

【Standard】For dinner, enjoy kaiseki cuisine to enjoy the four seasons! Relax in the guest room open-air bath ...◆2 Meals Included

【10 groups a day, weekdays only】Meals are relaxed in a private room ...Enjoy plenty of food and hot springs! ◆2 Meals Included

【Facility】【Restaurant Kodoan】Private room / tatami room

【Kishu Longtooth Grouper Kaiseki Meal】From thin queuing to queuing pot rice ...Shirahama the seasonal taste of Shirahama, "7 Que"! ◆2 Meals Included

【Dinner】Thin, boiled, small pot of phantom fish que

【Early Booking Saver 30】Book 30 days in advance for a reasonable price! Kaiyutei 5 nice benefits from Kaiyutei☆◆2 Meals Included

【Dinner】Japanese Spiny Lobster Sugata-tsukuri (arranged in its original shape). Fresh prep!

【Early Booking Saver 60】Book 60 days in advance for a reasonable price! With 7 nice benefits such as private meal room & one drink☆◆2 Meals Included

【Dinner】Japanese Spiny Lobster Sugata-tsukuri (arranged in its original shape)

【Family】We have a private restaurant for meals and the room rate for children is reasonable! Family de relaxing open-air bath◇2 Meals Included

【Couple & couple】With 1 bottle of sparkling wine at dinner ~ CHEERS ~ Hot spring date for 2 people with private room meal◇2 Meals Included

【Services】KEY TERRACE original sparkling wine

【Anniversary / birthday】Celebrate with kaiseki cuisine, private room meals, cakes, and wine! "A special day spent in the Kaiyutei" ◆ Kaiyutei

【1 Night/ Breakfast Included】Enjoy a hot and happy breakfast and Shirahama Onsen from the morning including the local cuisine "Chagayu (tea porridge)"!

【Breakfast】Breakfast where you can enjoy local specialty Chagayu (tea porridge).

【Only Room/ No Meals Included Stay(Without meals.)】Late arrival is also OK! A carefree Shirahama Onsen trip that doesn't care about time!

【Bath】The view from the open-air bath seen from the hill is magnificent. Bathing while feeling the breeze from the sea is the best!