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【Remodeling commemoration★Traveling YUZURU spend in YUZURU】Standard plan Beef from Tottori Prefecture, etc. is reasonable up to 2200 yen

[ Period for Accepting Reservations ] 2020/05/01~2020/06/09 * Reservations for the plan are accepted only during this period.

【The Sea of ​​Japan·Relaxing Japanese-style room with Ryukyu Tatami bed】YUZURU※Non-smoking

~ YUZURU~, Uniquely designed Japanese + Western-style twin. Relax and troll in Ryukyu Tatami.

Please select the desired reservation dates from the list.

Number of rooms

Number of adults

Number of children

For 1 room(s) used by 2 Adult(s) person(s)

Date Total (yen) Vacancy Information
6/4(THU) -
6/5(FRI) -
6/6(SAT) -
6/7(SUN) -
6/8(MON) -
6/9(TUE) -
6/10(WED) -

Reservations are accepted until 12:00 on the day of accommodation.


【The Sea of ​​Japan·Relaxing Japanese-style room with Ryukyu Tatami bed】YUZURU※Non-smoking

Breakfast & dinner included
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  • Internet accessible in the guest room
  • No-smoking room

■YUZURU■, "Non-smoking room," when using 3 people, add one pair of futon
Distant view of the Sea of ​​Japan, Japanese room with bed that you can relax and enjoy at Ryukyu Tatami!
If you extend your leg to the ottoman of the bead sofa you can relax.
We have two 110 cm wide mattresses so you can relax comfortably.
Washlet equipped

■Guest Room Equipment■
Large LCD TV, 50 inches·【bus·Toilet with washing machine (Western style)】Unit type·Free wi-fi·air conditioning·Hot water pot·ice water·Hairdryer·closet·refrigerator

Yukata / band · bath towel · face towel · Kaike Tsuruya Original purse suit · tissue · toothbrush · comb · shampoo · rinse · body soap · medicated hand soap

"Taste" Main: It seems that grilling sounds are coming to be heard even now, Wagyu stone grilling is the best uri!
~ This is a real stone grill! , Aroma party cuisine ~ Bake grilled beef with hot stone! Luxury Kaiseki Meal

Plan Details

≪YUZURU, Refurbishment memorial plan≫

August 2018 Kaike Tsuruya, a new room has joined in!

To celebrate the renovation, we will guide you at a great price so that many guests can stay in the new room!

On weekdays and weekends,
【If confused, this☆Four Seasons Standard Kaiseki Cuisine☆Ceramic board grilled Tottori Prefecture's Wagyu (beef), seasonal vegetables, seasonal fish from the local area, etc.☆】

Up to 2,200 yen discount from the plan fee.
※Calendar display fee will be charged after discount.

■Dinner■<One case>
aperitif, Seasonal wine (Plum wine, yuzu, etc.)
Forefront, tofu using seasonal ingredients
Previous Relish, Assorted seasonal ingredients
Juri, landed fish at Sakaiminato Assorted
Stone, Temporary baking of prefectural cattle
Grilled fish, grilled fish with seasonal seafood
Steamed foods, seafood etc. kneaded steamed food
Deep-fried food, tempura using seasonal seafood and vegetables
Strips, Sakai Minato of vinegared dish such as sea landing,
Meal, Tottori Prefecture's Koshihikari (rice), Red miso soup·Pickled Vegetables
Sweets, Seasonal Fruits
※Please understand beforehand that some menus may change depending on season and purchase situation.

In addition to seasonal miso soup such as local shijimi and crab, overnight Japanese-style breakfast including overnight drying and seasonal cooking of persimmons!
Egg dishes that you can not afford in the morning also feel comfortable☆
Of course, the rice is made by Tottori Prefecture's Koshihikari (rice)!
(It is free of charge for breakfast and miso soup at breakfast ☆)

■Meal place■
Prepared by the venue food in the morning and the evening.

■Hot Springs■
Fountain quality is sodium · calcium chloride fountain (chlorinated earth - salt fountain).
The source is a weakly alkaline reducing system, its texture is moist, smooth and free from irritation and body-friendly hot springs.

■Other fulfilling facilities■
◎ Karaoke Room
◎ club
◎ Gallery
◎ Shop

■Tourist information■
Kaike Hot Springs Swimming beach, 3 minutes on foot
Dragonfly phenomenon coast, 4 minutes on foot
Hossho Temple Kaike kiln, 7 minutes on foot
ADACHI MUSEUM OF ART, 35 minutes by car

◎ autumn leaves information
It is said that it boasts one of the most beautiful Japan West, it is perfect for enjoying "Oyama's autumn leaves"!
From the hotel it is relatively close to 30 minutes by car so please enjoy it.

◎ Illumination information in winter
Tottori hanakairo, 30 minutes by car
Chugoku-Shikoku top class 1.4 million balls!
2019 schedule is undecided


Plan Price

Number of rooms

Number of adults

Number of children

Please select the desired reservation date from the calendar.

June 2020
1 2 3 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 -
8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 -
15 - 16 - 17 - 18 - 19 - 20 - 21 -
22 - 23 - 24 - 25 - 26 - 27 - 28 -
29 - 30 -

Reservations are accepted until 12:00 on the day of accommodation.

About Children Rates

Elementary school-aged children
70% of adult fee
Infant with meal and futon/bed
50% of adult fee
Infant with meal
6600 yen
Infant with futon/bed
3850 yen
Infant without meal and futon/bed
2200 yen

Special Notes about prices

Hotspring tax adult 150 yen separately.

About deposits

Not required

On-site payment / Online credit card payment

What are cancellation rules?

3 - 2 days before the arrival
20% of the room charge
1days before the arrival
30% of room charge
On the day of arrival
50% of the room charge
Supplement:In case of non-stay 100%