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【Up to 50% discount on VIP room with exposure★Limited price】One room per day with a spectacular outdoor bath with reasonable price! Dinner is a special session cuisine!

Japanese-style room

【Limited to 1 room per day · Hoki Fuji faces】High rise Floor view Suite with outdoor bath Suite

"Special cuisine dish" Steamed: I eat Japanese Spiny Lobster with sea urchin, seasonal sea urchin extract and eat it with delicious sea urchin extract, prep sweet Japanese Spiny Lobster is exquisite.

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Date Total (yen) Vacancy Information
2/28(FRI) end of application period -
2/29(SAT) end of application period -

Reservation can be made until 10:00 1 day(s) before your stay.

Japanese-style room

【Limited to 1 room per day · Hoki Fuji faces】High rise Floor view Suite with outdoor bath Suite

Breakfast & dinner included
Dinner in a Private Room
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  • Private open-air bath attached
  • State Room/Suite/Annex

■Japanese style room 22 square meters + 10 square meters·Hindu Japanese with open-air bath■
Spaciously spreading 22 square meters plus 10 square meters of Japanese-style room 2 as well as corridor tatami flooring!
Room top floor! Overlooking Oyama from a cypress-made open-air bath☆
You can also see the Sea of ​​Japan where you traced the line.
Docking stations and shower booths are also available! Enjoy open-air baths on cold and rainy days!
※The outdoor bath in the guest room is not a hot spring.

■Guest Room Equipment■
Bathroom · Toilet with washing machine (Western style) · Air conditioning · Free safe · Hot water pot · Ice water · Hair drier · Refrigerator · The contents are empty, power is turned off for power saving.Please turn on the switch when you arrive) · Hinokuden outdoor bath · Shower booth · Dressing room

Yukata / band · bath towel · face towel · Kaike Tsuruya Original purse suit · tissue · toothbrush · comb · shampoo · rinse · body soap · lotion · emulsion · medicated hand soap

~ East Building 8th Floor VIP Room ~, Room Dedicated Outdoor Bath arranged! A superb view over the Sea of ​​Japan!
~ Room example - After relaxingly relaxing in Kaike Onsen, enjoy the delicious Sanin!

Plan Details

VIP room with a panoramic view of the Kaike Tsuruya outdoor Kaike Tsuruya on weekdays only! We will offer you with limited price, up to 50% OFF.
This price can be made because it is provided by date only!
※The discount rate is different on Saturdays and holidays before the holiday, but sometimes you sell, do not miss it!

Of course, even with a limited price, we will offer the same as the basic plan cuisine, please enjoy the luxurious chief chef specialty cuisine dishes that only offer at the VIP room with exposure.

■Standard Plan■【Kaike Tsuruya 8F highest grade VIP room】The room has a spectacular view of cypress and an open-air bath! abalone·Wagyu (Japanese Beef)·Special party cuisine such as blackthroat seaperch

Up to 50% OFF by date limit from!
Two people in one room, Price per person
Regular price, 64,800 yen is limited to 32,400 yen by date limit
I, "Orein 55" called visionary beef of Tottori prefecture
A rare Japanese beef whose annual distribution number is said to be about 350 heads.
Two, a luxury fish called "vision blackthroat seaperch" "blackthroat seaperch"
Arrange the luxury fish to match the season so that the paste of grease is comparable to the tuna of Tuna.
Three, if you can sip a bite, enjoy the softness of the body and the scent of the iso! abalone
four, Luxury! Grilled Japanese Spiny Lobster with Japanese Spiny Lobster
Five kinds of sashimi of fresh fish landing at Sakai Minato, including famous white squid

Aperitif, alcoholic beverages (plum wine and yuzu sake)
First-come, tofu with four seasons in Sanin
Special appetizers that appreciate appetizers and Tottori's delicacies
Shuri, Sakai Minato fresh fishes, including special white cuttlefish, lots of special selection
Stone, Very Rare Wagyu Orein 55 Steak
Pottery, inscriptions Fish of the Sea of Japan, steamed in a cooking how in accordance with the season blackthroat seaperch, Japanese Spiny Lobster sea urchin grilled
Fried food, Seasonal selection of season at that time Fried food ingredients
Restroom, Abalone Yoshino tailoring
Meal, Tottori Prefecture's Koshihikari (rice)
, Red miso soup·Pickled Vegetables
Sweets, Seasonal Fruits
※Please understand beforehand that some menus may change depending on season and purchase situation.

In addition to the seasonal miso soup such as local freshwater crabs and crabs, guests staying in the VIP room with a different exposure than usual≪Limited Offer≫
We are happy to serve you breakfast.
Of course, the rice is made by Tottori Prefecture's Koshihikari (rice)!
(It is free of charge for breakfast rice and miso soup ☆)

■Meal place■
Dinner prepared in private room restaurant
※It depends on the number of people you use.
Breakfast is served at the venue.

◎ Illumination information in winter
Tottori hanakairo, 30 minutes by car


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Number of rooms

Number of adults

Number of children

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Reservation can be made until 10:00 1 day(s) before your stay.

About Children Rates

Elementary school-aged children
70% of adult fee
Infant with meal and futon/bed
50% of adult fee
Infant with meal
6480 yen
Infant with futon/bed
3850 yen
Infant without meal and futon/bed
2200 yen

Special Notes about prices

Hotspring tax adult 150 yen separately.

About deposits

Not required

On-site payment / Online credit card payment

What are cancellation rules?

3 - 2 days before the arrival
20% of the room charge
1days before the arrival
30% of room charge
On the day of arrival
50% of the room charge
Supplement:In case of non-stay 100%