Reservations including children

The child's price is generally applicable to children who are an elementary school student or younger. (Junior high school and older students are charged the adult price.)
For children who have yet to enter elementary school, the child's price changes depending on whether or not meals and futons are provided, regardless of age.

※ Whether children are allowed depends on the plan.
Check the child's fee for each plan for details.
※ Rules on age, etc., may depend on the plan. You should check the Fee Note section.
※ If there is a Question section, we recommend that you provide the age of the children so the lodging can make proper preparations.

[ How to view fees ]

<If date is designated for search>
Details for the number of people set in the criteria is displayed in the Plan Details window.

<If searching without designating the date>
The unit price for children is displayed in the Plan Details window. The price is indicated in one of the four following ways.

 ・ x% of adult price (price is calculated as x% of the adult price)
 ・ x yen discount on adult price (price is the adult price minus x yen)
 ・ x yen (price is x yen regardless of the adult price)
 ・ Not allowed (children are not allowed at the lodging)

※ There are situations when there is an additional lodging fee for parties with children.
 You should check the fee notes.
Searches including children
When setting the number of guests in the main window,

1)Conduct/refine search that includes the number of children.
2)It is possible to check the total price, which includes that for children, in the Lodging Details window, Plan Details window, or Availability Check/Reservation Calendar window.

Searches including children
The number of children can be changed from the Availability Check/Reservation Calendar window.
Click the Number of Children button and reenter the number of children in the main window.
Number of meals for children
If making reservations with "Elementary school student," "Infant, with futon and meal," or "Infant, with meal," the number of meals is the same as that for adults.For plans that do not include adult meals, meals are not provided to children.
Ex. For plans "with breakfast, no dinner," even if the reservation for a child is made "with meal," dinner is not provided.
Meals/futon for children
Check with us for details since it depends on the lodging. For children charged the child's price, some lodgings provide the children with the same meals and futons provided to adults, some provide different ones, and others handle it in other ways.
Max guests per room
The max. guests per room refers to the number of futons that can be laid out, and children who require a futon are counted as one guest whether or not the child's price is the same as the adult price.No more than the max. number of guests can stay in a room.
If the number of guests is included in the search criteria, plans that cannot be used due to the designated number of guests are not displayed because the number of guests is checked.In addition, if the number of guests is changed in the Plan Details window and the designated number of guests exceeds the max. number of guests, an error message is displayed.