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★The first pet stay is half price★ -Only now that you can enjoy nature- <With commemorative photo service with your dog! >

【Kumamoto Wagyu beef course◆The 1st】 "Shabu-shabu" & "Washi Buffet", Healthy the flavor of domestic beef!

"Kumamoto Wagyu course # 2", "Sukiyaki" & "Japanese and Western Buffet", Sukiyaki is the best on the anniversary!

【Kumamoto Wagyu beef course◆The 3rd】The most popular couple, "Grilled meat"&≪Japanese and Western buffet style≫ Starry sky luxury after a meal

【Early Booking Saver 40】★2 Special Advantages Included★“Early Inn” “Refrigerator Minibar” etc.! Great value for the same price as the basic plan!

【Anniversary of the adult】“Selectable Kumamoto Wagyu course& Buffet”! "With 3 benefits" anniversary plan!

【1 Night/ Breakfast Included】 Energetic charge in the morning with "Passion Wakiya Buffet" & "Freshly baked bread" using "local ingredients"!

【Only Room/ No Meals Included】 Stay in “rooms with open-air baths and rooms with internal baths”! ~Recommended for couples~