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【Standard】Enjoy the four seasons by enjoying the taste! Seasonal Japanese set meal that makes use of seasonal ingredients

【Discount for Consecutive Nights Stay】10% OFF for 2 nights or more! Enjoy plenty of sulfur springs flowing directly from the source! Dinner is a seasonal Japanese set meal

【Upgrade set】Add "Unajyu" to your dinner! Make your trip a little extravagant

【Upgrade】Feeling luxurious with eel! (The photograph is an image)

【Anniversary】Celebrate an important day with a whole cake! We accept messages and decorations

【24-hours Stay】From 15:00 to 15:00 the next day! Leisurely sightseeing & petit hot spring treatment【Limited Days】

This is an inn where you can enjoy the hot springs of Irozumi and the four seasons of Hakone.

【Breakfast Only】Check-in is OK until 21:00! Heal the fatigue of the day with a sulfur spring that flows from the source

【Only Room/ No Meals Included Stay】Walking distance to the Musee Du Petit Prince De Saint Exupery A Hakone Hakone Venetian Glass Museum! Enjoy plenty of sightseeing and hot springs