This reservation page protects personal information using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

What is SSL?
SSL is a mechanism to protect communications between customers and our server through mutual authentication using digital signatures and encryption.Using SSL prevents electronic interception, falsification of information, and other problems and makes it possible to safely send and receive personal information over the Internet.
This reservation page uses digital signatures authenticated by Symantec.
* All the information entered or displayed on this page is encrypted (SSL encryption protocol) before being exchanged with our servers. Therefore, it is very strongly protected against unauthorized use by third parties on the Internet, but the protection is not perfect.You should understand the above when using this service.
If an error occurs
If an SSL-related error occurs when making a reservation, inquiry, etc., you should activate TLS 1.0 or later using your browser settings, or if you are accessing the website from a company-operated LAN, you should consult with the in-house network manager, etc., and request that they open port 443 on the firewall.