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【Official limited】The second half for real! Enjoy Yubara Onsen in an "Okoku"! Enjoy great hot spring trips with popular plan.


"Ryucho-Rindou-" a room of a cute cat foot bathtub (Second floor)

*Special plan only for the Official page! To the Yubara Onsen second half for half the real!

Please select the desired reservation dates from the list.

Number of rooms

Number of adults

Number of children

For 1 room(s) used by 2 Adult(s) person(s)

Date Total (yen) Vacancy Information
1/30(THU) 25,500No Vacancy
1/31(FRI) 25,500 1 room(s) remaining

Reservations are accepted until 15:00 on the day of accommodation.


"Ryucho-Rindou-" a room of a cute cat foot bathtub (Second floor)

Breakfast & dinner included
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  • Internet accessible in the guest room

Longing cute cat foot bathtub room 'Rindo'
Ideal for single use in a compact room!
It is also popular with women.

Bathtub is for 1 person only.

Size:  16m2
bedding: Double (Width 140 × depth 190 cm)

★Wi-Fi Available

■ We value your privacy ■
The staff will never go into the room.
Please feel free to contact us if you have what you need.

※Smoking only in the bathroom.
Please note that you can not smoke in the room.
※There is no elevator in the facility. It is movement on the stairs.

·Gamelan credit card checkouts.
Card payment, please use the settlement in Jalan We wish you the "online card settlement".
·If you choose local settlement at the time of booking, it is only "cash settlement".

*〔One example of dinner〕Steak multi-course meal with steak. Gamelan most popular meal
*〔An example of a meal〕Enjoy the Juicy Steak. Please enjoy the taste of the meat that spreads "Juawa" when put in the mouth

Plan Details

<<<Official page limited special price>>>
We Gamelan offer plan that is perfect for trip to Yubara Onsen limited edition Official page only!
Please use this plan to make a reasonable trip to Yubara Onsen.
★Real second half
If you are traveling for a couple or couple, it's important that you get great deals!

For example, when using the Tenkuu...
Regular price: 21,000 yen x 2 persons = 42,000 yen per person
Limited Specials: 15,750 yen x 2 persons = 31,500 yen per person
→Two people in total "10,500 yen discount"!

★With a bath in the room!
Every room has a bathtub where you can enjoy Yubara Onsen!
Please enjoy your "extraordinary excitement" at your own private hot spring
*The amount shown at the time of booking is the discounted price.
*It is set by 25% discount per person on the setting of the reservation system.
*We show rate comparison in total amount with "[popular ◆ creative banquet dish + Kuroge beef beef steak] natural hot spring in room with standard plan!"

■ Meal ■
We will prepare a cook-recommended meal with a healthy "Kuroge Wagyu beef steak" with a healthy creative banquet menu with a focus on locally sourced ingredients and seasonal ingredients!
We will serve you one dish so you can taste the best condition.
【Time】From 18:00/From 18:30/We will ask for your preferred time from 19:00 when you check in

Freshly baked fluffy bread has a popular voice!
【Time】From 8:00/We will ask you when you check in from 8:30

※The dining venue will be on the first floor restaurant in the morning and evening
※Please contact us in advance if you have food and allergies you are not good at
To Spring source fresh natural hot spring To
Yubara Onsen, which is gentle to the human skin of alkaline simple Yubara Onsen.
The skin after bath will be smooth.

To To the public bath, go to the Main Building [ Yu no Kura Tsuru Ya ] To
Guests staying at the hotel can use the Tsuruya in the main building free of charge.
There is also a rental service for towel sets.
Please feel free to ask the front desk
【Open Hours】Night·15: 00-22: 00, next morning·7:00 to 8:30
※Not available when main building is closed


Plan Price

Number of rooms

Number of adults

Number of children

Please select the desired reservation date from the calendar.

January 2020
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6 7 8 9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16 17 18 19
20 21 22 23 24 25 26
27 28 29 30 25,500Search for another plan 31 25,500 Vacancies available1

Reservations are accepted until 15:00 on the day of accommodation.

About Children Rates

Elementary school-aged children
No acceptance
Infant with meal and futon/bed
No acceptance
Infant with meal
No acceptance
Infant with futon/bed
No acceptance
Infant without meal and futon/bed
No acceptance

Special Notes about prices

Hotspring tax adult 150 yen separately.
Payment on site is only cash.
Please note that credit cards are not accepted.

About deposits

Not required

On-site payment / Online credit card payment

What are cancellation rules?

3 - 2 days before the arrival
30% of room charge
1days before the arrival
50% of the room charge
On the day of arrival
100% of the accommodation fee
Cancellation without any contact
100% of the accommodation fee